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About Us

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Who We Serve

Our Landlord / Owner Clients

Solio Property Management provides full-service property management services for single family homes, multi-family homes, condos, and towne homes. We understand that our clients would much rather be “Property Investors” or “Property Owners” rather than “Property Managers,” so they can have that extra free time for their personal lives. From our custom rental reports to our detailed inspection systems, Solio Property Management cares for your property as if it were our own.

Our comprehensive, web-based system allows investors to secure 24/7 access to customized property management reports. Investors can also reduce time spent managing multiple properties across several geographical regions and improve communication and operational efficiency.

Our numerous proprietary software programs were designed to be fully integrated with the various roles of a professional property manager. Our ongoing training and education has one goal – to ensure that our staff members can effectively and efficiently serve our clients at all times.

Our Residents

We have been helping individuals, families and businesses find residences for years. We manage rental properties throughout the Inland Empire, San Diego County, and Orange County areas, and our residents have varying needs; from single-family homes in economical or upscale neighborhoods to small apartment and multi-unit buildings available for rent. Every year Southern California residents depend on Solio Property Management for their housing needs.


We help Investors acquire great properties for their investment portfolios all throughout the Southern California Riverside, San Diego, and Orange County areas. But we go a step above and beyond most real estate companies. We’re much more than just a Real Estate Broker or just a Property Management company. We are Real Estate Investment Planners who have helped our investors develop substantial Real Estate portfolios with significant cash flows. Being in the property management business puts us in the driver’s seat to recognize which properties have the greatest cash flow opportunities and which have the greatest opportunity for appreciation.